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Parents, If you receive an email stating that your child's lunch balance *is* below $5.00, it is correct but the Lunch Balance shown is incorrect. We are working on this issue and hope to have it corrected by year-end. You can log into your PaySchools account for the correct balance.

  • School Fees for the 2020-21 school year have been assessed. These fees are for annual consumables that your child uses during the school year and vary based on grade and selected curriculum. Please check fees due by selecting the Balance link in the left navigation menu. Fee payments are PAST DUE

    Payments can be made through your PayForIt account.

    PayForIt is an online lunch and student fee payment system. PayForIt gives parents the ability to see their child’s cafeteria account balance, what their child has purchased for the last 30 days and set up low balance email reminders at no charge to the parent. Payments for school fees and lunch accounts can be made online using credit cards, debit cards, or electronic check (ACH). Directions to sign up are located in link above.

    If your child has been approved for the free or reduced meal program for 2020-2021, you may qualify for a reduced school fee. The discount can be given ONLY if you signed Part 5 on the meals application (“School Instructional Fee Waiver Adult Consent”) or if your child was direct certified for free lunch and the letter with your signature for the fee waiver was received by the school. FEE WAIVERS MUST BE SIGNED EACH YEAR AND ONLY APPLIES TO FEES FOR THAT YEAR.

    Fee Payment is due in full upon receipt. Transcripts will NOT be released to colleges until payment is received in full. (Allow up to two weeks for processing.)